Bookmobile History


                                             1920s                                                                    1998





In 1921 the first bookmobile began distribution of books throughout the county. The mobile library took books to many of the small neighborhood schools that were too poor to provide library services. This bookmobile was used until 1954 when it was replaced. In 1930 a legislative act was passed for a special tax of one-half mill on property throughout Dillon to fund the expanded programs. In 1956 two years after the purchase of our second bookmobile Mrs. Leila Long estimated that her average route was one hundred miles per week. The bookmobile leaves books at Minturn, Oakland, and during the summer months Hamer. The books are selected the bookmobile librarian and left for patrons to pick up.  The third bookmobile was purchased in 1973, with its capacity of 1200 books, it served 26 communities at least once each month and the branch libraries whenever needed.  A new vehicle was purchased in 1982 (Pioneer II model Gertenslager Van) replaced the vehicle that was at least ten years old, and had mechanical problems. The bookmobile was purchased with funds supplied by: South Carolina Rural Development Grant (10,000), Federal LSCA Grant (10,000), Dillon County (10,000), and State Aid(4,200).  The bookmobile made weekly stops that were printed in the Dillon Herald so that everyone knew when the truck would be in their community. It made stops every two weeks throughout the year and service is free of charge. The bookmobile made 55 bi-monthly stops and covered over 9,000 miles annually and in that year circulated 18,100 items. The final and current bookmobile (Adventure III) was purchased in 1998. The library received a Library Services and Construction (LSCA) Title 1 Grant in the amount of 46,000.00. This grant, along with funds from Dillon County and SC State Aid purchased the new bookmobile. The technology on the new bookmobile would allow for communications online and transmit information in real time. The bookmobile now offers new services including the Internet Café which offers patrons in rural area access to the internet.