History of the Lake View Library


The Lake View Library is also a branch of the Dillon County Library System.  This library resulted from the efforts of the Friday Afternoon Book Club.  The original one room building was completed in 1941 and an additional room was added in 1958.  Mrs. Isla Ford managed the library until 1947.   The Lake View building was replaced by a new 3,400 sq. ft. building in 1984 and renamed the Sadie Carmichael Library to honor one of Lake View's notable citizens.


Lake View Librarians


Mrs. Isla F. Ford 19??-1947

Mrs. Mary Stackhouse 1947-1973

Mrs. Florinette Renfrow 1973-2002

Mrs. Katherine Cooper-Shaw 2002-2004

Mrs. Mertis Barnett 2004-Present