History of Dunbar Library

The Dunbar Memorial Library in the town of Dillon opened in March 1949.  It was established through the generosity of Mrs. Ida Stackhouse Dunbar, who left the City Of Dillon a handsome mansion and a bequest of $10,000 to initiate public library service.  Dunbar replaced Dillon's Town Library, which was located in the basement of the Dillon County Courthouse building.  County support used to operate the town's library was given to Dunbar.  Ms. Maude Lawrence, the town's librarian, became Dunbar's first manager.  In 1979, the building was extensively remodeled with new furnishings added.  On August 8, 1997, an act of arson destroyed the Dunbar Memorial Library.

    During the construction of the new library, from 1998 through 1999, a bookmobile was sent to the site to serve the Dillon patrons.  The construction was mostly completed in March 2000, and the library opened on restricted hours to the public.

    For the first time in the history of the Dillon County Library the main branch is located in the county seat, Dillon.  It officially opened with a dedication ceremony on April 9, 2000.


Dunbar Librarians

Mrs. Maude Lawrence 1949-1970

Mrs. Sara Lee 1970-1986

Mrs. Barbara Henderson 1986-1997 ( Library Burned)


Dillon County Library Branch Managers

Mrs. Barbara Henderson 2000-2001

Mrs. Christy Berry 2001-2003

Mrs. Christina Herring Fowler 2003-Present


Dillon County Library Directors

Janice E Peppers 1973-1974

Marie D. White 1974-1976

Patricia A. Gray 1977-1980

Ann Ramsey 1980-1984

Sylvia Minton 1985-1986

Paula Davino 1987-1989

Sue Rainey 1991-1996

Yolanda McCormick 1996-Present