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Library Genealogy News
Updated February 23, 2015

I have donated a copy of Guns of the Pee Dee, The Search For The Waship CSS Pee Dee's Cannons by Ted L. Cragg.

SEVEN GENERATIONS, Ancestors of the Present Day Lumbee, by Kelvin Ray Oxendine  added to the Genealogy shelves.

A copy of the Finkea Family, Descendants of Dr. Thomas Finklea and Elizbeth Keeling in America has been generously donated by the authors, Ernest D. Rayburn and Michael J. Vaughn

A copy of the Marion County 1870 census has been donated to the Florence County Library in memory of Vivian Ruth Munn Kilgallon by the Pee Dee Chapter of SCGS.

David Jackson has compiled the genealogy of William Jackson, Sr. circa 1647-1697 of Little River East, Pasquitank County, NC. He has donated a CD to The Dillon County Library, The Marion County Library and to the Pee Dee Chapter of SCGS archives where many on his descendants landed.

A copy of Allen and Allied Families, by Doris Allen O'Neal Dunn was contributed by Josh Gurely.  Also thanks to Jean and Ed Gurley for their part in helping me obtain this copy.

A copy of the Marion County 1870 census has been added to our genealogy section. Members The Pee Dee Chapter of SCGS has compiled and published this valuable research book.  Email me for further details on the availability of the book. <>

Due to a  very generous donation  we purchased Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of  the History of South Carolina, From its First Settlement  in 1670  to the year 1808  By David Ramsey, MD.  Also Palmetto Places and Names compiled by the WPA originally done in 1941.

Pathways A-Z.  A Reference Guide for the Darlington County Historical Commission, 2009 added to shelf.

The "Descendants of Mary Medlin, Vol. 1, 2 & 3", compiled by Jack A. Medlin, Billy Bryan Medlin and Joanne Harley has been donated by Jack A. Medlin.

A copy of the Marlboro County Cemetery book has been generously donated to the genealogy section by Helen and Carley Wiggins.


Due to a very generous donation to the Friends of the Library from William "Bill" Lee in memory of his late wife  we were able to purchase 26 books from Brent Holcomb. This a great addition to our genealogy section.  I can furnish a list of the purchased books upon request.

The Genealogy section of the library has been moved into a room that will be locked unless there is a patron using the genealogy library.  The individual cabinets will stay open for more convenient perusal.  Some changes in policy will be a sign in and sign out sheet at the desk and no bags will be allowed in the genealogy room. The genealogy room will not be opened on Saturdays due to limited staff.  If you are not a local resident and want to use the genealogy section on a Saturday, you will need to call ahead to make arrangements. I will be willing to make an appointment to meet with you.  Libraries phone number is 843-774-0330 or email me. <>

The Herald now has their own web site and recent obituaries are available on their site at

A copy of “Our Clan” by Marvin Moody dated July 26, 1953 has been donated. The eight-page pamphlet is a brief history of the Tapley Moody – Solomon Sanderson clans.

For those of you who purchased a copy of the book “Descendants of the Rev. David Owens” by Daniel K. Owens from the Pee Dee Chapter of the SCGS, we have discovered that a page is missing.  If you will let me know I will send you a copy of the missing page.  I can either send it by attachment to an email or by postal.

Announcement  for  The Friends of the Library. If you haven't renewed your membership please do so.  Remember membership means no more late fees.  $10.00 per year,
$5.00 per year for senior citizens,  Life time membership is $100.00.  We support the Dollie Parton Imagination Library. A donation of $30.00 supports one child for a year. You do not have to be a member to donate.

I have transcribed and with the help of Helen Wiggins have printed and bound a copy of G. G. McLaurin's writings of Dillon in 1910.  A copy is now on the shelf in the genealogy section of the Dillon  Library.  I also have this on my computer and will consider sending copies by email.  We can discuss this if anyone is interested.

"Buffs and Millers Along The Saluda " compiled by L. H. Buff, Jr. and Janice Gartman Lee has been donated by Terry Gladfelter in appreciation for genealogy assistance. 

"Kinship Ties" Bethea-McRae Family Heritage.  The Union and History of an African American Family Beginning in the 18th Century Carolinas second edition by Anthony B. Cochran has been donated to our genealogy section.  A book signing was held July 4 at the library with a large attendance.

  Books I have added to the Genealogy Section  with some of the very much appreciated donated funds I have received for genealogy assistance

A copy of the Marion County 1870 census

 I have donated a book Parting For A Far Distant Land, A Biography of Lieutenant Eli Henry Gasque by Walter Earl Waddell

Copies of the Emanuel Jackson Bible Pages.

"Flintville 158 AFM, 1870-2010" by Jack Jackson. A history of The Flintville Masonic Lodge.

"A Walk Through Meadowbrook" compiled and published by the Robeson County Genealogical Society Meadowbook Cemetery Project Committee. .

"Images of America, Abbeville County" compiled by the Abbeville County Historical Society

"The Abstracts of South Carolina Plats, 1784-1786" by Dr. A. B. Pruitt has been added to the Genealogy Section. 


"Genealogical Abstract from Marion, South Carolina Newspapers 1858-1886" Abstracted by Gloria Calhoun, Edited and Published by Pee Dee Chapter, SCGS, Marion, SC. has also been added .

As Dillon was a part of Marion County until 1910 this is where you would find early marriages and deaths published in the newspapers. The abstracts are from The Marion Star, The Crescent (1866-1867) and the Pee Dee Index (1882-1886).

Also include is a list of Jurors for 1871 and a list of members of  Company F, SC Calvary

 “Vital Rails-The Charleston and Savannah Railroad and the Civil War in Coastal South Carolina” by Dr. H. David Stone, Jr.. Stephen R. Wise, curator, Paris Island Museum writes this about the book: “Vital Rails is an excellent study that expertly connects the importance of the Charleston & Savannah Railroad to the Confederacy’s overall war effort”  (copy found in the Research Section)

"Covington County, Alabama People" is a long-awaited compilation of the family notes of Judge Richard Henry Jones (1868-1949) of Andalusia. Judge Jones' notes are supplemented with material collected by Ruby
Richards Bryan (1901-1982) and additional notes from the editor of the book, Scott R. Smith.. 

A copy of “Abstracts from the Columbia Register Newspaper - January 1878 - December 1885” by Mark J. Lynn.   Contains paid announcements, news stories, reports of coroner’s inquests, and items mentioned in the local happenings (Registered Dots) column. Some were reprinted in The Daily Register from other newspapers across the state.

"Ghosts of The Pee Dee" by Tally Johnson -
From the swamps of Kershaw County to an abandoned graveyard underneath South of the Border, the South Carolina Pee Dee is home to a rich heritage and sometimes frightening past. Storyteller and author Tally Johnson investigates the truth behind the ghostly legends of counties that has seen revolution, war, tragedy and triumph.

"No Holier Spot of Ground" by Kristina Dunn Johnson - Confederate Monuments and Cemeteries of South Carolina

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