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Instructions for Ordering


From the Extracts and excerpts not listed in the Index of Transcriptions:

Copy and paste the extract into an email and your choice how you would like to receive the copy from the options listed.
Call the library at 843-774-0330, or write us at Dillon County Library, 600 East Main Street, Dillon, SC 29536

I will continue this offer as long as my health allows. For the articles from the early excerpts I will copy and mail but will require reimbursement for cost of copies, mailing etc. 

Suggested Fee Schedule

All available transcriptions listed in the index can be ordered by email: Request of a $1.00 donation for each obituary which will be greatly appreciated.

Copy of article from the microfilm or newspaper sent by post - $4.00
Scan of article and email - $4.00
Copy of article from the microfilm or newspaper sent by Fax - $4.00

This is not a bill but a request for a donation for our genealogy section of the library.  I will be willing to work with you to negotiate a donation.

All proceeds will be used to add materials and for other genealogy projects for the library. 

Submit payment

Mail check or money order payable to: Friends of the Library

Dillon County Library
600 East Main Street
Dillon, SC, 29536

the check will be used to purchase supplies or additional books for the genealogy section of the library.  If that is a problem make it out to Friends of The Library and I can direct it to the genealogy department. Thank you for your interest.
You may email us at: or call us at: 843-774-0330

Also check out my Index of Veterans


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