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The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings kept by Paul Brown circa 1942 - 1945. Most are not dated nor given any indication of what newspaper they were originally published in. The majority are most likely from The Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC.
To date I have not been able to learn anything about Paul Brown.  If known please inform me.

I have indexed by name, event, date if given, name of newspaper if given and page number item was found in the scrapbook and last column "x" indicates a picture. The index will be in alphabetical order in sections as there are several pages and will be a work in progress.  I will be glad to then furnish a copy of the item upon request.  Send name and page number listed in the index to <>
Check the Veterans link for available obituaries.

pages 1-20
pages 21-40
pages 41-60
pages 61-80
pages 81-100
pages 101-120
pages 121-136