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About the articles:

In the early 1900’s W. J. Galloway, a reporter for the Dillon Herald, wrote many interesting articles in a column called “Swinging Round the Circle.”  The articles were about his swing around the county on his Balaam (we have determined his Balaam was a mule) and his visits with the local people.  He names people and places he visited.

Also in those early issues were several articles, by the editor of the Dillon Herald, A. B. Jordan as well as an assortment of topics published in the paper that are not only advantageous to researchers but entertaining as well.

With the help of my friend, Mary Lewis of Columbia, we are transcribing many of the articles and as time permits I will upload them to this site. Enjoy.


Watson Reunion and Free State



Page's Mill to Gaddy's Mill

Carmichael and Gaddy's Mill


Border Towns

Gaddysville to Hamer

Carolina Section


The Harley Hayes Story

To Marion by Auto Car

A Day at Page's Mill

Prospect Hill

Ye Olden Times

Mr. Allen Revives Marion History

History of Fairbluff

Will Shevas

Killing At Pages Mill

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