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This list was found in the August 30, 1934 issue of The Dillon Herald

Section 1 - Veterans who have answered last Roll Call
Section 2 - Those who have died since World War

Section 1

date if given additional information if given transcribed obituary
or earticle is available

Betha, Herbert F. 3-May-1919

Bethea, Thomas R. 29-Jan-1919

Britt, Marvin W. 10-Oct-1918

Calder, Austin 1-Mar-1919

Cook, Daniel C. 15-Oct-1918

Cottingham, Thos. R. 19-Jul-1918 Killed in action

David, John H. Jr. 1-Mar-1918 Buried Mandres, France, grave 205

Hayes, Luther Reeves 28-Nov-1918

Jackson, Preston 17-Dec-1917

Kersey, Rufus 22-Oct-1917

Lester, Willie P. 3-Jun-1917

McDowell, George E 1-Feb-1918 Buried Mt. Calvary Cemetery

McMillan, Gary W. 8-May-1919 Buried Lake View

McQueen, Launey B. 7-Sep-1918

McRae, William 2-Apr-1918

Proctor, Lonnie P. 8-Oct-1918 Died of wounds, buried at Little Rock x

Rogers, Rembert 4-May-1917 Buried Norfolk, VA

Suggs, Brazzell J. 17-Oct-1918 Buried near Hamer x

Turner, Zanie 17-Jan-1918 Buried at Fork

Utley, Wade Hampton 22-May-1919 Buried at Arlington x

Wilkes, Monroe 3-Oct-1918

Campbell, James McA. 30-Sep-1918 Lost with the Ticonderoga x

Edwards, Willie B. 11-Nov-1918 Killed in action

Thompson, Wade 8-Aug-1918 Buried at Catfish Cemetery

Section 2
dates are from obituaries or cemetery record

Arnette, Wallie T. 2-Mar-1933 Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hamer SC x

Andrews, Lloyd B. 15-Dec-1933 Buried Little Rock, SC x

Berry, Walter 29-May-1919 Buried Latta, SC x

Britt, Eli T. 17-Apr-1932 Buried Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC

Barlow, Chas. F. 29-Aug-1929 Buried Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC

Brown, Robert L. 26-Dec-1926 Buried Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC

Bethea, John C. 6-Mar-1924 Buried Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC x

Brown, Lex B. 6-May-1921 Buried Mt. Holly Cemetery, Dillon, SC x

Bethea, S. Legare 6-Apr-1932 Buried at Dothan Cemetery, Dillon, SC x

Bunn, David
Buried Akron, Ohio

Chavis, Ed
Buried at Carolina

Craig, Lawrence R. 9-Aug-1934 Buried in Mobile, AL x

Davis, Luther 17-Nov-1924 Buried near Hamer, SC x

Easterling, George 11-May-1920 Buried Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC

Evans, Sam 17-Nov-1924 Buried Alford Cemetery, Dillon CO, SC

Edwards, J. Ben 5-Oct-1924 Buried Regan Cemetery, Gaddy''s Mill, SC x

Hayes, Wylie A.
Buried near Lake View, SC

Haselden, J. Dudley, Jr. 22-Jan-1939 Buried Haselden Cemetery, Sellers, SC x

Huggins, Emery
Buried Great Falls, Montana

Jackson, LeRoy 26-Aug-1928 Buried Murchison Cemetery, Minturn, SC x

McRae, Samuel 24-Feb-1919 Buried in New Holly Cemetery x

Miller, Grover 2-Jun-1931 Buried Bermuda Cemetery

Miller, William G. 12-Sep-1918 Buried in Texas (article in Herald WIA x

McIntyre, Monroe 27-Dec-1933 Buried Kentyre Cemetery x

McKinley, D. Worth 4-Sep-1930 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC x

McRae, Archie Redden 19-Jul-1929 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Dillon, SC x

Moody, H. Mahone 2-Jul-1930 Buried at Kemper, SC x

McSwain, McCallum 7-Apr-1905 Buried at Pee Dee Church Cemetery (he is buried at Reedy Creek Church Cemetery x

Owens, Maston 17-May-1924 Buried at Catfish Cemetery

Watson, Harvey C.
Buried in Carter, OK

Weatherford, Mack R. 27-Oct-1933 Buried in Little Rock, SC x

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