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About the Obituaries in the Index.


With the assistance of friends with similar interests we have transcribed many of the obituaries from 1903 to date. From 1904 to 1940 we attempted to transcribe every obituary found in the Dillon Herald.  After 1940 the transcriptions are completely random.  You will find those at Index of Selected Obituary Transcriptions.  I have also created CDs that contain obituaries of my Moodys and extended families.  Check out Publications and CDs

A special thank you to

Helen Wiggins

Mary Lewis

Carolyn Klear

Connie Shreves

Holly Moody

Sue  Myers
Carroll Pearsall
Sharon Normark
Buddy Harrelson
Mr. and Mrs. John Humphrey

Mary Bland

Gloria Privette

If I left out anyone let me know and I do apologize

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