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About the Extracts

Many months were spent by myself and other volunteers on an obituary transcription project for the Dillon Library covering the years 1903 through 1939.    For those years transcriptions of the obituaries we found are available by email.  However, after 1939 you will need to check the index to see if the obituary you would like has been transcribed.  The link to the index:
  Index of Selected Obituary Transcriptions

For those doing African American research I have marked the known extracts  with the symbol (AA). If you do a search with that symbol all those so marked should come up.  

A note of interest: I was told that Oak Grove Baptist Church mentioned in many of the obituaries has undergone many name changes and is presently Little Bless Holiness Church.

To order a copy or trancription see  Instructions for ordering a complete obituary